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App Manager APK v5.98 (Donated)

Application Administrator APK AuditSimpler, high level option to the underlying application administrator Do you disdain the numerous means it

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Application Administrator APK Audit
Simpler, high level option to the underlying application administrator

Do you disdain the numerous means it takes to simply uninstall your applications ?
Do you in some cases introduce numerous applications to track down one that suits your requirements, however at that point you disdain the time it takes to uninstall the rest?
Do you want to reset/uninstall applications as often as possible ?
Do you host a third gathering launcher and disdain the way that introducing applications puts easy routes on the old launchers?
Want to have a go at disposing of a portion of the bloatware your gadget has (*) ?

Assuming this is the case, this is the application for you !

Application Director APK Elements
This application has a lot of elements, particularly for established gadgets:

• Simplest uninstaller – single tick on an application to uninstall it
• Cluster activities of applications : uninstallation, share, debilitate/empower, Re-introduce, make due, open in Play-Store or Amazon-AppStore.
• APK records the board
• Eliminated Applications history watcher
• Adjustable Gadgets, for uninstalling the as of late introduced application or clearing its inward/outside information
• Ordinary/ROOT uninstallation of applications . Utilizing ROOT, it’s a lot more straightforward and quicker
• Shows a wide range of applications, and in addition to those that you can send off. For instance: gadgets, live backdrops, consoles, launchers, modules,…
• Auto-treatment of applications that have administrator honors, permitting you to renounce them and uninstall the applications
• Auto add easy routes to recently introduced applications, regardless of how you’ve introduced them. Likewise pick precisely which launcher will have the new alternate routes
• Different procedure on chose application:
• Run
• Share application as connection or APK document
• Make due
• Open connection on play store.
• Kill foundation processes (accessible just on old Android forms)
• Stop application (needs ROOT+Honeycomb)
• Clear inner stockpiling (ROOT)
• Make alternate route, including stowed away ones
• Scan the Web for application’s name/bundle
• Cripple/Empower application (ROOT)
• Re-introduce
• Sort applications by size, name, bundle, date introduced, date refreshed, hour of kickoff
• Operating system uninstallation joining
• Valuable easy routes to worked in applications
• Channel applications by:
• Framework/client applications
• Empowered/debilitated applications
• Establishment way: SD card/inside capacity
• Capacity to uninstall framework applications (Root , probably won’t deal with certain cases)
• Shows application data: bundle name, date introduced, assemble number, form name
• Auto-cleaning of outer stockpiling documents of applications that the operating system didn’t eliminate them appropriate for reasons unknown
• Subject chooser, in the event that you could do without the cards UI

The best part is that it’s free ! ! !

Consents clarifications
• INSTALL_SHORTCUT – permits the application to make applications alternate routes, either physically or consequently (upon establishment)
• KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES – permits the application to kill chose applications
• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – permits the application to check assuming there is taken space on chose application, to permit to recover it
• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – to get the outside stockpiling free from chose application
• ACCESS_SUPERUSER – for established gadgets just, permits a lot more cool elements, for instance foundation uninstallation
• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE , Web for promotions
• Charging, GET_ACCOUNTS – for gifts
• GET_PACKAGE_SIZE – for getting applications’ sizes
• GET_TASKS , PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS – to get as of late sent off applications

• Uninstallation of framework applications is an unsafe activity. I hold no liability in the event that the usefulness of your operating system is harmed in any capacity while utilizing this element
•A framework applications can’t be eliminated because of limitations implemented by the actual ROM, however the application will take a stab at dealing with it all that can be expected, and at times a restart is expected to see the outcome
• You can eliminate the promotions by giving however much you wish
• I’ve worked for quite a while on this application, and I have a lot of highlights I have as a top priority to add to it
• If it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and rate the application and show your perspective (ideally through the discussion) on which elements you might want to have for the following renditions.

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