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Button Mapper: Remap your keys v3.09 (Pro)

Button Mapper: Remap your keys APK SurveyButton Mapper makes it simple to plan custom activities to your volume buttons, Bixby button or other eq

SnapTube VIP Premium APK v6.16.1.6162101 (Mod)
SkyView Explore the Universe v3.7.1
Dev Tools Pro (Android Developer Tools) v6.9.1-cs (Full)

Button Mapper: Remap your keys APK Survey
Button Mapper makes it simple to plan custom activities to your volume buttons, Bixby button or other equipment buttons on your telephone. Remap buttons to send off any application, easy route or custom activity

Dole out activities to single press, twofold press and long press of your telephone’s buttons. Root isn’t needed

Button Mapper can remap physical or capacitive keys and fastens, for example, volume fastens, the Bixby button on Samsung Universe gadgets, and the capacitive home, back and late applications keys tracked down on numerous gadgets by Samsung, ASUS, HTC, OnePlus, Xiaomi and different producers

Button Mapper doesn’t work when the screen is off except if your gadget is established

A couple of instances of keymapping you can do with Button Mapper:
-long press volume down to flip your spotlight
-twofold tap your home button to send off your most loved application or easy route
-long press your home button to switch off the screen
-double tap the back button to open your notices
-trade your back and late applications keys
-utilize your volume buttons to change screen brilliance
-long press home to flip “don’t upset” mode
-press and hold the home button to rapidly check your lockscreen messages, delivery to immediately switch off the screen
-also, significantly more, the conceivable outcomes are unfathomable

Extra highlights opened in the master form:
-support for back button, late applications button and camera button
-Trade volume keys on direction change
-Default to media volume
-Pocket discovery
-Customization of haptic criticism (vibration) on button press and long press

Activities that can be planned to buttons or keys:
-Send off any application or alternate way
-Debilitate the button
-Home, back or ongoing applications
-Tasker aims (execute any undertaking in Tasker)
-Switch screen off
-Switch electric lamp
-Speedy settings
-Show notices
-Power exchange
-Take screen capture
-Music: past/next track and play/stop
-Change volume
-Last application switch
-Switch don’t upset
-Change splendor
-Presently on draft (root)
-Menu button (root)
-Pick custom keycode (root and Star adaptation)
-Root order (root and Star adaptation)
-Switch WiFi
-Switch Bluetooth
-Switch direction mode
-Clear notices
-Part screen
-Look up/down (root)
-Also, some more…

Buttons upheld:
-Back (Genius variant as it were)
-Late applications or Menu (Expert form as it were)
-Volume up
-Volume down
-Dynamic edge on Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL
-Bixby button on Samsung S8/S8+/S9/S9+/Note 8
-Camera button (Star rendition as it were)
-Headsethook button
-Custom buttons: add different buttons (dynamic, quiet, and so on) on your telephone, earphones, gamepads, and other fringe gadgets

Extra choices:
-change the long press or twofold tap term
-postpone beginning button press for better twofold tap activity
-debilitate Button Mapper while utilizing explicit applications

-For Bixby on unrooted gadgets, ensure you don’t debilitate Bixby Voice
-Ensure Button Mapper is excluded from any sort of battery enhancement, task executioners or different things that might meddle
-Button Mapper doesn’t work with onscreen buttons, (for example, delicate keys or the route bar) or the power button.
-The choices displayed in the application rely upon the buttons accessible on your telephone. Not all telephones have home, back and recents buttons!

This application utilizes Openness administrations. Openness is utilized to recognize when the physical or capacitive buttons are pushed on your gadget so they can be remapped to custom activities to oblige your necessities. It isn’t utilized to see what you type. Button Mapper doesn’t gather or impart any of your own data to outsiders

This application utilizes the Gadget Head authorization. (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN)
This authorization is utilized to lock the screen if the “Turn screen off” activity is picked. If you have any desire to eliminate this authorization, open Button Mapper, click on the menu (three spots in the upper right corner) and select “Uninstall”

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