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Dev Tools Pro (Android Developer Tools) v6.9.1-cs (Full)

Dev Tools(Android Designer) APK SurveyAndroid Dev Instruments Expert APK is a computerized Android Improvement Partner; It's a strong, useful, fu

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Dev Tools(Android Designer) APK Survey
Android Dev Instruments Expert APK is a computerized Android Improvement Partner; It’s a strong, useful, fundamental Android Advancement Collaborator, It can further develop your improvement efficiency.

It very well may be utilized to decompile other Application, view design and perspective on other application, view the exercises history, view manifest of any applications, ,view as of late utilized or introduced applications, pull any application’s apk or thereabouts, investigate applications, view telephone equipment and programming related data, etc, the more elements will be added later. counting:
Decompile other applications
View application’s java record, asset and other document without any problem.

Add Design Assessor Apparatus
View design and view data of other application, can show view id, width level, parent and kid view, direction of view.

View the most recent open-source projects day to day
A very much chose day to day Android open source project.

View the action history
View the appName, packageName, title, symbol, begin season of the action opened, additionally incorporate momentum action, top action. support open in little window mode.

View manifest of any applications
View manifest of any applications, search any satisfied of manifest, save manifest to sdcard in text or html.

Application The board View data of applications
You can deal with your application without any problem. View applications introduced, as of late utilized applications, as of late introduced applications in lattice mode.
View application bundle name, variant, uid, apk dir, so dir, information dir, first introduce and last redesign time, part data, etc.

Pull apk or so of applications
Pull any application’s source apk or so document.

Immediately open or close the choices in the designer choices
The first many seconds to abbreviate the activity of a tick. Counting show screen design, investigate gpu overdraw, show format refreshes, constrained GPU delivering, show GPU view refreshes, show GPU Delivering, show pointer position, severe mode, don’t keep exercises, remain alert, Running Help.

Note: This piece of the capability is to settle the lumbering activity of the designer choice through the robotized way, assuming that you are fed up with the unwieldy activity of the engineer choice likewise, then this instrument is for you. On the off chance that you really want an instrument not the same as the framework designer choice, this isn’t the thing you need, don’t introduce it, much obliged.

Immediately view the framework data
incorporate framework form data, equipment data, screen data, central processor data, virtual machine data, network-related data, ID-related data.

Immediately open other normal capabilities
incorporate settings, Framework UI Tuner, language exchanging, designer choices, my applications.

Alternate route:
(1) You can add apparatus easy routes to the work area by lengthy squeezing the device symbol;
(2) You can add device gadgets to the work area;
(3) You can begin the apparatus through the alternate way rapidly on Android 7.1, long squeezing the application symbol in the work area;
(4) You can add the instrument to the notice bar by Speedy Settings Tile on Android 7.0.
By these easy routes. You even don’t have to open the application.

Openness Service:We utilize this component to turn on or off some engineer choices consequently, get classname of current action to save your time. We can utilize this component solely after your approval, We vow not to gather any of your data.

It is accessible for Android 4.0 or more, incorporate Android Pie, Android Oreo, Android Nougat, Android Marshmallow, Android Candy MR1, Android Candy, Android KitKat, Android Jam Bean MR2, Android Jam Bean MR1, Android Jam Bean, Android Frozen yogurt Sandwich MR1, Android Frozen yogurt Sandwich.