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Nova Launcher Mod APK v8.0.3 (Final / Prime)

Check APK for Nova LauncherNova Launcher Mod APK is a powerful and stylish launcher that lets you customize aspects of your home screen, icons an

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Check APK for Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher Mod APK is a powerful and stylish launcher that lets you customize aspects of your home screen, icons and folders.

One of Nova Launcher’s great features is its excellent graphics quality. Even a simple finger swipe to switch desktops reveals complex transitions in three dimensions.
Aside from the aesthetic aspect, Nova Launcher lets you customize the gestures you use on your device. You can even set a shortcut to make your Android device vibrate. Some features are only included in the paid version.

Apart from all that, you can also customize the icons on different desktops and back up your settings for import to other devices. That means if you like the style of your phone, you can easily get it on your Android tablet too.

Nova Launcher Mod Prime combines flexibility with elegance to offer a different launcher full of new features. A real treasure for Android customization lovers.
Nova Launcher Features:
Icon Themes – Find thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher on Play Store
Grid Positioning – Nova Launcher gives you more control than the standard launcher, allowing you to place icons or widgets in the center of grid cells on the desktop.
Color control – for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and backgrounds.
Customize app drawer – custom tabs, vertical or horizontal scrolling, special effects
Improved widget drawer – widgets grouped by app make it faster to use
Endless Scrolling – You’re never far from your favorite pages, scrolling continuously through your desktop or drawer
Backup/Restore – An advanced backup/restore system that allows you to back up your desktop layout and startup settings.
Scrolling Dock – Create multiple docks and scroll between them
Dock widgets – Place any widget on your dock e.g. B. music player widget 4×1
Import Layout – No need to create a desktop from scratch; Nova Launcher can import from most popular launchers. Including the one that came with your phone.
Fast – Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do its job quickly and quietly, keep animations smooth, and get you using your phone as fast as you can move your finger.
Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK
Unlock the following extras by purchasing Nova Launcher Prime

Gestures – Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on the home screen to open your favorite apps
Unread Count – Never miss a message. Unread badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more with the TeslaUnread plugin
Custom Drawer Groups – Create new tabs or folders in app drawer
Hide Apps – Keep your app drawer clean by hiding apps you never use
Drag Icons – Set custom drag actions for app shortcuts or folders
More scrolling effects – like swipe, accordion and throw
This app uses device administrator permissions for the optional screen off/lock feature.