Octopus – Gamepad, Keymapper v6.1.6 (PRO Unlocked)

Octopus - Gamepad, Keymapper APK Survey:Play Android games with Octopus Gamepad/Regulator, Mouse and Console! Map peripherals to touchscreen.N

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Octopus – Gamepad, Keymapper APK Survey:
Play Android games with Octopus Gamepad/Regulator, Mouse and Console!

Map peripherals to touchscreen.
No root or activator is required!
Support practically all applications
Octopus Gaming Motor backings most applications and games, you can add anything you desire to play


Peripherals Similarity
Octopus upholds gamepads, consoles and mouses.
Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech…

Preset Key Planning
Preset key arrangement for 30+ included games. No time squandering on arrangement.

Various modes for different Games
2 fundamental modes: Gamepad and Console, and numerous unique modes for explicit games like High level Shooting mode for FPS games, Shrewd Projecting mode for MOBA games.
Exceptionally adaptable
Other than the preset keymap, you can characterize your keymap. Octopus gives 20+ different control parts to drive up your gaming experience.

Gaming Recorder
Octopus incorporated with Screen Recorder, allowing you to record every one of your battle.

Gamepad Adjustment
For some unstandard gamepads or regulators, Octopus gives the Gamepad Adjustment include permitting you to align your gadget.

Google Play login (Required download octopus module)
Suppore Play store account login.Synchronize games data.Needed download octopus module.
Counterfeit Area capability
Support Counterfeit Area capability.

Tidy up Smash capability
Support Tidy up Smash function.make the game runs all the more easily.

About Authorizations
Because of the functioning system of Octopus, it requires similar authorizations with games you play. To cover all games, Octopus needs numerous consents to appropriately work. We ensure Octopus won’t manhandle these consents!

Octopus Expert
Support more capabilities. for example

Draw any way and run it! For games require swipe motions or example drawing. Length is adaptable.

Hit a position on various occasions. Times and length is adjustable.

Request Key
Set numerous keys with hit grouping. For instance, you have 3 request keys with key worth A. At the point when you press A first time, No.1 A will act. Second time for No.2 An and third time for No.3 A, then circles. It’s really helpful for certain scenes like open/close sack button on various positions.

Simple Deadzone
Deadzone is the region where your simple development is disregarded. For instance, set deadzone to 0 to 20 and 70 to 100, and that implies all uprooting under 20% or more noteworthy thant 70% will be invalid, subsequently when you push your simple to 20% position it will go about as 0% and 70% as 100 percent. Left and right simple can set different deadzone individually.

One game with numerous different keymaps for different circumstances? You really want the profile. Under console or gamepad mode, profiles can be made individually.

Adaptable Virtual Mouse Alternate route

While playing with the gamepad, press LS+RS to summon the virtual mouse and move it with L/R simple and play out a tick with LT or A. This is sensibly viable for television or, in certain circumstances you would rather not touch your screen. Presently, in Ace rendition, the alternate way for conjuring is adjustable.

Pick your pinion wheels and begin a spic and span versatile gaming experience!
Have a great time!