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Peak Pro – Brain Games & Training v4.21.0 APK(MOD)

Peak - Cerebrum Games and Preparing APK AuditPeak - Cerebrum Games and Preparing Mod APK is a tomfoolery, free mind preparing exercise planned

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Peak – Cerebrum Games and Preparing APK Audit
Peak – Cerebrum Games and Preparing Mod APK is a tomfoolery, free mind preparing exercise planned around you. Top purposes cerebrum games and riddles to challenge memory, language, and decisive reasoning to keep your brain dynamic.

With cerebrum games made in association with scholastics from driving colleges like Cambridge and NYU, and more than 12m downloads, Pinnacle is a definitive mind preparing experience.

All that’s needed is 10 minutes per day to finish a mind preparing exercise. Furthermore, with 45 cerebrum games for grown-ups, and new mind preparing exercises each day, there is consistently a tomfoolery challenge hanging tight for you.

Peak Ace – Cerebrum Games and Preparing KEY Elements
Free mind games to challenge your Memory, Consideration, Math, Critical thinking, Mental Nimbleness, Language, Coordination, Inventiveness and Feeling Control.
Realize which classifications your cerebrum succeeds in, and contend with companions by contrasting your brainmap and mind game execution.
Mentor, the fitness coach for your mind, assists you with keeping tabs on your development and get to the next level.
Mental cerebrum preparing with games from master analysts at Cambridge College, NYU and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
Works disconnected so you can appreciate Pinnacle cerebrum games any place you are.
Chosen by Google as Manager’s Decision.
In excess of 45 cerebrum games accessible and customary updates to keep you tested.
Get customized mind preparing exercises and top to bottom experiences with Pinnacle Master.
Gain admittance to Top High level Preparation modules: concentrated programs that train a particular expertise, including the new Wizard memory game made with Teacher Barbara Sahakian and Tom Piercy in the Division of Psychiatry at the College of Cambridge.
“Its small scale games center around memory and consideration, with solid detail in its criticism on your exhibition.” – The Gatekeeper

“Dazzled with diagrams in Pinnacle that let you see your exhibition over the long haul.” – The Money Road Diary

“The Pinnacle application is intended to furnish every client with a significant degree of understanding into their present status of mental capability.” – Techworld


Planned in a joint effort with specialists in neuroscience, mental science and schooling, Pinnacle makes cerebrum preparing fun and fulfilling. Pinnacle’s logical warning board incorporates Teacher Barbara Sahakian FMedSci DSc, Teacher of Clinical Neuropsychology at the College of Cambridge.