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Reverse Music Player v2.2.4 [MOD]

Turn around Music Player APK AuditThe best Converse Music Player, presently with refreshed UI and new functionalities.On the off chance that you Mod APK Faster & Safer Internet v6.19 (WARP+)
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Turn around Music Player APK Audit
The best Converse Music Player, presently with refreshed UI and new functionalities.
On the off chance that you like the impact of your changes, save it to record on your gadget.

Elements of Opposite Music Player:
★ Play turn around music/sound in sound configurations: wav/mp3/ogg/flac/mp4/acc and that’s just the beginning.
★ Change Rhythm of your converse track in range 4x more slow to 4x quicker.
★ Set Pitch Octaves Change between – 1 and +1.
★ Save/Product invert and changed track to: mp4/aac/wav
★ Rhythm and Contribute might be changed any second.
★ 2 methods of changing Beat and Pitch – slider (quick)/cushion (exact).
★ Balancer
★ Circle Reach
★ Enhancement modes for content kind – Music/Discourse
To play changed track simply select your track from music library or by perusing your gadget.

Upheld designs:
wav/mp3/ogg/flac/acc/mp4 from there, the sky is the limit.

At the point when you select track, the application will get ready sound information for empowering reverse playing (It generally requires few moments for ordinary length track on new and quick gadgets). It doesn’t change your unique documents.

Tracks that can squeeze into memory don’t need free capacity to work. Anyway greater tracks might require impermanent space for uncompressed tracks on your gadget. Generally you don’t need to stress over this.

To have a great time you can change beat or pitch of your music track.
“Rhythm” portrays how quick sound will be played, 100 percent is unique/non-changed beat, half is 2x more slow, 200% is 2x quicker. Range is: 25% – 400% .
“Pitch” depicts how pitch will be changed with contrast addressed as – 24.0 .. +24.0 semitones, 0.00 is unique/non-changed pitch.
These qualities might be changed by slider or by clicking button close to them and setting precise worth.

You may likewise save your converse music into record.
Upheld designs for send out/saving: wav/acc/mp4 (different BPS).

Kindly note that a large portion of tasks are central processor escalated and for good outcomes you really want a performant gadget. Use of different elements immediately (like rhythm change + switch play) increment equipment necessities.

More specialized data:
Upheld stream design: 8/16/24 bit encoding, 1-8 channels, 8000/11025/16000/22050/44100/48000 Hz test rate. Utilized example rate must be upheld by gadget, 8 cycle encoding is reached out to 16 digit encoding so gadget needs to help 16 bit.

✓ Application involves authorizations for composing on SD card to empower trading tracks.
✓ Different authorizations like “Web” are utilized by promoting administrations.